Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Low-Cal Longevity

A bunch of news reports hit the web last night that talk about the results of a recent study that seems to offer proof that a calorie restriction diet will increase longevity in humans. It has been known for a while now that caloric restriction can dramatically increase the longevity of lab animals. Until now, the efficacy of such a regimen in humans was only theoretical. Well, technically, it still is. This study only measures certain indicators. Measuring true longevity gains will take longer. I also imagine a long-term study will be difficult because keeping humans on such a diet over a long period of time will be tough. I think that even I would have trouble with such a strict diet, and I'm very much into doing whatever I can to increase my lifespan. But this kind of diet would be an order of magnitude tougher than my current low-sugar, good fat diet. Fortunately, some people are working on drugs that will mimic the effects of caloric restriction. Let's hope they are affordable!
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