Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Euston Manifesto

Ok, I'm dipping my toe into politics... but my first post on that topic should be fairly uncontroversial. I have recently discovered The Euston Manifesto, a call to arms for progressives who are tired of being associated with the irrational anti-Americanism of the radical Left. While written by British Leftists who no-doubt hold views that I disagree with, I can find very little to quibble with in the actual manifesto itself. Indeed, it comes very close to completely summarizing my own political views. If the Democratic Party leadership were to clearly embrace the principals of this document then we might finally restore a healthy balance between Right and Left.
I would describe myself as a left-leaning moderate. I lean right on economic issues and I strongly support free trade and responsible budgetary policy (something that used to be called conservative). On social issues, I lean a bit much more to the left. As you might imagine, the Bush years have been particularly hard on me.
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