Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prison Planet

As we've already had a round of voting, here is the fifth of our six proposals for the next big game. This one comes courtesy of Chris at Boring, Absurd, and Contemptible.

Dunas is a penal colony of the Galactic Empire. All sorts of criminals from all ends of the galaxy get sent there: from cold-blooded killers to political opposition to lousy poets to tenant farmers who fell in to debt. It's a great place for a penal colony since it can support agriculture and also has a wealth of minerals to ship off. Also, its highly charged ionosphere makes it impossible to get on or off except via the space elevator that connects to a single space port. While there is a contingent of government officials, the planet is run by the prisoners. A small garrison only has to protect the space port, and the number of prisoners on planet at any given time is tightly regulated.


Firefly, Star Wars, any dystopian Australia's criminal history, this Venezuelan prison:


Anyone of any species that is condemned to live on this rock.

What's interesting

A contained setting with several different zones: spaceport, cities, towns, wilderness, and underground. There could be ruins of a previous civilization and interesting local fauna that eats you. Lots of bad guys, but lots of misfits basically running themselves.

How it ends

Not sure yet, but there are lots of ways to wrap up a campaign - from escape to independence to an impending supernova. We could figure something out...
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