Sunday, September 08, 2013

City of the Century

The third of the six settings that we are considering for our next game is one that I have been thinking about for a very long time…

Officially incorporated on the first day of the 20th Century, the city of Silverlode has always embodied the American spirit of the age. From an iconic frontier town in the last days of the mythic American West it roared into a metropolis during the Twenties as a center of the aviation industry. As it suffered the effects of the Great Depression, Silverlode's spirit of adventure (and justice) was renewed with the first appearance of costumed heroes. The city then flexed its industrial muscle during World War II and was a major player in the Cold War vs. the Red Menace. And when that wall came down half-way around the world, Silverlode affirmed its position as the City of Tomorrow, a shining model for the coming century.

But in the last days of the Millennium, there is a palpable sense that something is coming. People talk about the Big Event - Y-2K, the Singularity, the Rapture, the Age of Aquarius, hell, even the Zombie Apocalypse. Something is coming. And while Silverlode was born with the century, it just might die with it as well.

Extraordinary characters, heirs to legacies that were forged in Silverlode's brilliant century, are perhaps the only ones who can ensure that the city survives into the Twenty-first.

In this campaign we'll play out these final action-packed moments of the Millennium. But we'll also flashback to earlier decades to explore the characters' progenitors as they interact with and possibly set in motion the events that will eventually lead to the End.


  • Watchmen & Promethea: The main influences that pretty much nail what I'm going for here,  though each has a very different take on the Apocalypse. 
  • Astro City: For the City as character in a superhero setting spanning decades. 
  • Young Justice 


Players will create modern heroes that will be placed into the thick of the action at century's end. More than that, each player creates the Legacy to which the character belongs and by extension the potential characters that represent that Legacy in earlier eras.

How It Ends

The Apocalypse occurs or it is averted in a dramatic fashion.
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