Saturday, September 14, 2013

DC Gameday XIII: The Masks of Silverlode

Registration for DC Gameday is open. I'm running "The Masks of Silverlode", a Golden Age supers game on Sunday morning, October 13th. [UPDATE: And we're full].

Silverlode, the Metropolis of the Mountain West. Incorporated on the first day of the 20th Century as an iconic western boom town, the Silver City has always embodied the American spirit of the age. And that spirit of heroic optimism is now manifesting in the world's first costumed adventurers. As the city rises up from the depths of the Great Depression and with the world poised on the brink of another Great War, the Masks of Silverlode boldly stand ready to fight for justice and usher in a new Golden Age. 

Join me for a Fate Core superhero game inspired by Astro City, Watchmen, and the classics of the Golden Age of comics. Characters will be provided, and no prior knowledge of the system is necessary.
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