Monday, March 13, 2006

Those Images Up Top

People reading this blog (anybody? hello?) may or may not be curious about the images displayed under the title. To satisfy your curiosity (and to give me something to talk about on a slow day), they are images pulled from a variety of sources that are in some way significant to me. If you've been paying attention, you will have noticed that I do change them every now and then.
The current crop includes:
  • A found image of a snow covered mountain (because most of my adventure travel revolves around snowy mountains).
  • A clip from the Castle Falkenstein supplement, Sixguns & Sorcery. Not only is it very relevant to my Silverlode game (which I'll be running at NC Game Day), but it also depicts an Anasazi cliff-dwelling (which also relates to some recent adventure travel).
  • The third clip is a gloomy castle from a Brotherhood of the Wolf wallpaper. Not the greatest of films, it was nevertheless very inspirational to me and wound up influencing numerous roleplaying projects.
  • Replacing an image of the Golden Compass from the first His Dark Materials novel (one of the best fantasy series ever), is a clip from the cover of Neil Gaiman's Smoke & Mirrors. Neil Gaiman's work is hugely important to me. In fact, I think I can say with confidence that he is my absolute favorite sotryteller, whatever the medium.
  • Finally, there is a Christoper Shy image from a GURPS Transhuman Space supplement. Besides representing a fine gaming supplement with a well-imagined future history, the image also stands in for my deep and abiding interest in transhumanism and the promise of accelerating technological change.
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