Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winter Olympic Blahs

I love the Winter Olympics more than any other spectator sport (except perhaps University of Michigan Football). Having just returned from an amazing three days of skiing in Utah, I expected to be doubly stoked to watch. Now that the games have started, though, I find that I've lost interest.

I think the problem is time-delays. In the old days (when I was a wee-lad), you couldn't get results until the night of the broadcast. Thus, every competition was exciting. Now, I just bop over to the BBC or or Washington Post and get my results during the day. When night rolls around, I have no incentive to watch given that I already know what happens.

That sucks. I've already missed out out some cool competition and dramatic "Olympic moments". But I just can't bring myself to avoid Olympic results when they are readily available. I'm a news addict. I admit it.

But if there is any event that I want to keep myself in the dark about, it's Snowboard Cross. I really want to watch this event. It's like roller-derby on the snow.

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