Thursday, February 16, 2006

Keeping My Focus

My other blog has the advantage of being narrowly focused. While I may go a while between posts, the blog itself remains useful to its readers. They know that when they read Risus Monkey, they are going to get something that at least pertains to Risus.

I need to have a similar kind of focus for the Velvet Edge. Perhaps a better way of saying it would be that I need a "mission statement" of sorts. I do not want this blog to be a place where I go to vent about personal and mundane matters. That is boring and of no use to anyone but myself. Instead, I want to provide information that may be new to readers. And I hope to add some interesting commentary that will lead to thought-provoking discussions.

I'd like to restrict the subject matter of the Velvet Edge to my primary passions: Adventure, Culture, Fantasy, and the Future...

Adventure: I mean travel, adventure sports, and real-life excitement. I do not, typically, mean spectator sports. In that sense, yesterday's Olympic post was already off-base.

Culture: I am referring to pop-culture, the arts, and "edgy" cultural issues. These cultural issues are probably about as close to direct politcal discussions as I want to get. When it comes to pop culture and the arts, I am not talking about celebrities. Instead, I hope to discuss genuine creative works and cultural trends.

Fantasy: Dreams, roleplaying, and the fantastic in art and culture. In many ways, it is Fantasy that will be the driving force of this blog.

Futures: I'll be the first to admit that I am very excited about what the future may hold for me personally, as well as society as a whole. I want to identify new discoveries or inventions that will change the world. I may also speculate (or post other people's speculations) about possible futures.

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