Friday, August 16, 2013

What About Risus Monkey?

Risus Monkey has largely fulfilled its purpose as a Risus blog. But now
that I'm getting back into the blogging game, I'm really excited to come
at it from a different angle. My own gaming group is about to launch a new
game (likely FATE) and I'd like an avenue to explore thinking related
to that. Since that game is also likely to be science fiction or modern,
the Velvet Edge seems like a perfect venue.

Furthermore, I've loved what Trey Causey has been doing over at From The
Sorcerer's Skull these last few years. I'd really like a thematically
unified place to discuss the development of my own settings. Velvet Edge
was my first multi-year campaign in an semi-original universe and I've always
imagined it to exist is a close parallel to most other games that I run.
Again, rebooting and exploring that setting is high on my list of things
that I think would be fun.

Other things that I'd like to do:
1. Explore FATE and other new games that I'm jazzed about
2. Return to producing useful gaming tools
3. Occsionally talk about cool SF/Fantasy/tech stuff that seemed out of
place at Risus Monkey.

Risus Monkey isn't going away. Not exactly. But until S John releases the
big anniversary edition of Risus, Risus Monkey will go into hibernation. After
that, we'll see. Risus still has a dear place in my heart and I will no
doubt occasionally wake up the monkey for important Risus news.
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