Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm Still Here (Mostly)

I've been super busy as of late. My wife has been out of town most every day in the last few weeks, so I'm starting to feel like a single parent. As a result, I'm accumulating a back-log of things that I want to blog about. Of course, I don't even have time for a detailed post right now. Juggling getting Finley to daycare, marathon training, and getting to work on time in the morning has been difficult at best. To manage, I have to get to sleep by 9:45 or so.
Briefly, I did want to mention that I had an amazing weekend of gaming... not this past weekend but the weekend before that. Wow, I really am overdue for a post. Anyway... on Thursday the 21st, we finished our Risus Dragonspire game. It took three hours, but we did it. Boy, did it go out with a bang! Now if only I could find time to post the final update...
On Saturday the 23rd, we had one of our best Slaying Solomon episodes in a long time. Fortunately, I'm not on the hook for the writeup. But A Woman Scorned went so well that I definitely want to let everyone know when Jodi posts the episode summary.
Finally, we had a very good D20 Dragonspire game on Sunday the 24th. We were missing two of our players, which sucked, but we did manage to finish the first story arc. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I reach story breaks in my games. Again, I hope to post updates before our next session (Oct 22?).
In other news, Christy and I finally saw Massive Attack! I've been waiting years to see them and the September 29th show at the 930 Club was fabulous. It's so rare that the two of us can get out now, especially with the cost of babysitters. I was almost starting to forget what it was like. To bad the smoking ban hasn't kicked in yet... maybe I'm getting old, but the fog of cigarette smoke was the only thing that made the night less-than-perfect.
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